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Byabasaija Orders Prison Warders, Wardresses Not To Report On Duty With Phones

Dr Johnson Byabashaija

In the wake of increasing attacks on security personnel, the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabasaija, has ordered warders and wardresses not to use their mobile phones while on duty.

“Staff must not report for duty with phones, for they distract attention and interfere with the level of alertness. The safety and security of guns must be taken as top security,” said Byabasaija in his directive.

This, according to Byabasaija, would enable them to be focused and be in a position to protect their rifles that are being targeted by criminals.

More than 10 soldiers, private security guards, and police officers have been attacked while on duty or reporting for duty by thugs who move on motorcycles and sometimes have cars.

Four days ago, unknown thugs shot dead Sergent Simon Peter Eyagu from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF at Amber coat road in Jinja, about a kilometer from Gadaffi barracks.

The Defense Ministry Spokesperson, Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye, said Sgt Eyagu was killed at around 8:50 pm when his co-guard Cpl Norico Kibirige had gone to buy a drink. The killers varnished with Eyagu’s gun and that of his colleague. So far three suspects including Cpl Kibirige have been arrested.

As the World Cup soccer tournament is ongoing, Byabasaija said the warders and wardresses must enhance security in Boma and sentries where prisoners may be watching football. Commanders and Officers in Charge of prison centers must enhance the security of prisoners to and from court, hospital, and labor.

“Desist from long deployments. Conduct night and day barracks and prison patrols. Enhance searches of all those entering or leaving the Prison,” Byabasaija adds.

Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) spokesperson, said Byabasaija has warned that any officer regardless of rank and title but mostly those in charge will be held personally liable for any breaches.


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