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Big Heart: Meet Physically Handicapped Shafik Kirunda Supporting Other Persons With Disabilities

Shafik Kirunda at her repair shop.
Twenty-three-year-old Shafik Kirunda crawls on his knees as he is physically handicapped.

Kirunda dropped out of school in primary six at 16 years of age and joined Munaka Vocational Institute.


He graduated with a certificate in electronic technology majoring in radio and television repairs.


Munaka Vocation Institute supported him to start a workshop for repairing radio and television sets in Nasuuti trading center within Mukono Municipality to earn a living.


It is from his earnings from the repairs and music that Kirunda extends support to other persons with disabilities especially the malnourished who approach him for support.


According to Kirunda, many PWDs and their caretakers approach him for support and connections thinking that he receives donor support.


Kirunda explains that the conditions of the people who approached him for support compelled him to compose songs and start singing to raise money to support their needs.


Kirunda composed one religious song praising God for giving him special talents and four secular songs.


According to Kirunda, the small support he extends to other PWDs motivates him and creates a sense of belonging in most of these people together with their caretakers that they are acceptable and worth attention in the community.

Shafik Kirunda visiting some of the persons with disabilities he extends support.

Kirunda has been supporting five families for the last two years. Our reporter visited three families that have been receiving support from Kirunda in Nakabago cell and established that they indeed deserve serious medical and nutritional support given their current condition.


Betty Nalumansi, a resident of Nakabago, who is caring for two children with cerebral palsy, says that her children get excited whenever Kirunda visits them.


She notes that the support from Kirunda counts much especially to her as a single mother without any source of livelihood.


Mark Fred Wanyama, the Nasuuti ward councillor, says that they are challenged with the humility of Kirunda despite his physical condition.


He says as local leaders they are organising a charity concert to support Kirunda to generate more money to continue funding his good actions.


He, however, says that they lack funds to pay artists to give him back up at the charity concert.


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