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Angella Katatumba Explains Pakistan Consulate Controversy

Singer Angella Katatumba  who also doubles as Pakistan Consul to Uganda has spoken out about her role, representing the Middle East nation.
Yesterday, a letter believed to be from the Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi circulated on social media sites disowning Katatumba as the country’s consul to Uganda, a title held by her dad, late Bonny Katatumba.
“The so called Honorary Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Uganda is still operating illegally in Uganda. It had actually been ceased to function after the demise of our Honorary Consul Mr Bonny Katatumba. Government of Pakistan has not yet appointed a new Honorary Consul in Uganda,” reads in part the letter dated March 28, 2018 and addressed to the Foreign Affairs ministry in Uganda.
However, in response, Katatumba also released a letter indicating that she took over the consul role (Acting Capacity) following the death of her father.
“The Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan I’m Uganda was officially appointed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E General Pervez Musharraf and has been operating successfullyfor the last 17 years and continues to do so despite the unfortunate passing of the Honorary Consul, Bonny Katatumba,” reads the letter issues in March last year.
It adds, “The Deputy, Miss Angella Katatumba who has been running the office for the last 10 years with him is nowell at the helm until the president of Pakistan announces any new developments.”
Explaining the controversy surrounding her role as Consul, Katatumba revealed that the problem emanates from the attitude of the High Commission in Nairobi towards the Uganda consulate.
“The people in Nairobi were initially not happy that the role had been given to a Christian. This is also worsened by the fact that they are divided,” Angela said.
Islam is majorly divided between Shia and Sunni factions across the world
She also questioned why the Nairobi letter issued by the High Commission maintains this attitude despite the fact that she has been running business at the consulate for that last 10 years.
There are some unconfirmed reports that yesterday’s letter could be the work of people who want Angela out of the office.
Last month she addressed the Pakistan community in Kampala during celebrations to mark the Pakistan Day.
She also insisted that unless the Pakistan government appoints a new envoy, she remains the consul of the Islamic Republic to Uganda.

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