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Age Limit: Museveni Warns Opposition On Bloodshed

President Yoweri Museveni has warned the opposition and Ugandans against the lifting of the age limit, noting that he will not allow the country be thrown into bloodshed again .

Speaking metaphorically during Uganda’s 55th Independence celebrations held in Bushenyi district on Monday, Museveni said:

“Uganda’s independence and democracy was bought with blood of our patriots, therefore, nobody will be allowed to undermine it. I want to assure all Ugandans that the NRM government will continue to maintain peace and stability in Uganda.”

He said some politicians claim to be democratic yet they are the same people who aren’t allowing people with divergent views to express them.

Museveni’s remarks follows recent chaotic scenes in Parliament and demonstrations against limiting of the Presidential age cap across the country.

Museveni said Ugandan should appreciate the peace and security that was ushered in by NRM despite what he called a few security spells that have left a number of women murdered in Entebbe, Nansana and other parts of Kampala.

He however assured the nation that his government is on top of the game to put the crimes to an end.

“There has been a spate of crime but we are getting to bottom of this crime. We have made a lot of arrest and we are getting to that problem of crime,” Museveni said.

He added: “But you know crime is different from terrorism and war. I want to assure you, nobody can bring back terrorism and war in Uganda,” noted the President. He said they are coming up with new methods and approaches to fight crime.

Museveni also took a dig at political leaders in the country, blaming them for seeking cheap popularity, instead of advising the locals into venturing into wealth creation projects.

“In pursuit of cheap popularity, the political leaders have abandoned their responsibility of guiding the population. I call upon all political leaders to shun pursuit of cheap popularity but promote the ethic of work, otherwise many will stay poor,” he said.

Businessmen Agha Khan and Hassan Bassajabalaba were awarded with medals.

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