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Women In Business Urged To Adopt Technology

Some of the women in business that graced the event

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) recently partnered with Virtuous Woman, a women’s Ministry aimed at empowering women with the skills to live as independent and dignified individuals.

Hosted at the Serena Hotel in Kampala, this year’s theme, “Embracing Change in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” attracted many businesswomen to learn how to integrate technology into their operations.

Diana Kisaka, the Assistant Commissioner of Finance at URA implored the ladies to continue embracing technology as a matter of urgency given its many benefits in improving efficiency.

“We cannot be mere spectators but active players in this era of cutting-edge technological advancements,” said Kisaka.

She also added that the world is changing and we must keep up with the trends as a revenue mobilization body.

Kisaka also urged businesswomen to take a more deliberate and proactive step to improve their competency in taxes for smoother and more predictable business operations.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Shogo Oyeniyi, a Nigerian Forbes coach, said that AI as a technology is a gift that must be meticulously employed to help man achieve more in less time.

He noted the areas where AI can have a great impact, including but not limited to finance and cyber security, where it eases transactions, threat detection and neutralization, fraud control, and chatbots, amongst others.

On URA’s part, the Assistant Commissioner of Public and Corporate Affairs, Ibrahim Bbosa, notes that the revenue has already integrated AI into its instantaneous client response structure for specific operational questions. He says that URA also has plans to introduce an AI-supported smart gate at the borders fitted with radiation monitors and face recognition for efficient customs management processes.

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