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Witchcraft, Violence A Solution To Land Question – M7 Advisor

Uganda should resort to witchcraft and violence if she wants to solve the now controversial land question, says President Yoweri Museveni’s Senior Advisor on the media.

Tamale Mirundi revealed this while appearing on local Tevelevision NBS on Tuesday morning. The One-on-One With Tamale Mirundi show is hosted by Simon Muyanga Lutaya.

“The solutions for land problems in Uganda should be violence and witchcraft. Try those two in correlation and see if people will not leave your land,” the controversial Mirundi said.

Tamale Mirundi

His staements come on the heels of controversy stirred up by Buganda Kingdom’s “Kyapa Mu Ngalo” program that seeks to issue land titles to tenants on the kingdom’s land.

Tamale also revealed that, “Massive land evictions are politically done to undermine the leadership of President Museveni.” Something his boss mentioned last week.

In a speech at this year’s Heroes day celebrations, President Museveni cautioned landlords against grabbing land from tenants.

Speaking in Zirobwe sub-county in the central district of Luweero on Friday, the president threatened to take action against landlords who overcharge tenants or force them to surrender their plots of land or to acquire land titles.

Museveni said there is no way a landlord can force a tenant to surrender land without his/her consent, adding that such deals are not provided for in the Constitution and in the Land Act.

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