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We Want Electricity Not Solar Plant-West Nile MPs

MPs from the West Nile region have rejected government offer of 20Mws (Megawatts) of solar power in the west Nile saying they want their region connected to the national power grid if development is to take place.

Currently, WENRECO supplies less than 7megawatts  of power in the West Nile region from Nyagak hydro power plant and thermo power by Electro-Max.

The MPs are concerned that WENRECO has no fuel to produce power and the region has been in blackout for a long time.

The MP has met the minister of Energy, Mineral development, Ruth Nankabirwa to forge a way forward on how they can get power in their region.  

The Minister promised MPs that government is going to top-up with fuel to generate more power on top of 1.5 MW from Nyagak hydro to generate power as they wait for the national grid power because already the power substations have been constructed.

She also told MPs that there is a need of energy mix to have solar energy because River Nyagak has hydro power problems; it can only generate 1.5 MW generated which cannot serve the purpose as an alternative in the region.

However, this angered MPs saying solar cannot help them develop as it cannot even run industries that is why most of their people especially youth are roaming for jobs in other districts.  

Feta Geoffrey, Ayivu East MP in Ayivu Division, Arua city said if they are connected to the national grid, it will create jobs for the youth and also prevent them from wandering in search of Jobs in other districts.

Arua City MP- Atima Jackson Lee Buti said the people in West Nile insist that they don’t want solar because from July up to November, there are heavy rains and that the solar panels cannot withstand the heavy rains and wind.   

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  1. Government should generate electricity from Karuma dam and provide to districts of west nile.

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