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URA Impounds Truck With Cancer Causing Cosmetics Disguised As Waragi

Uganda’s tax body, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on Thursday impounded a truck with contraband goods believed to cause cancer.

According to a message posted on the authority’s social media page, the operation took place at the border crossing of Mpondwe in Kasese district, western Uganda along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The yet to be identified smuggler had been on their radar and his luck run out on Thursday. He is believed to have been smuggling banned skin brightening cremes in jerrycans disguised as waragi (local brew).


The Mpondwe enforcement team busted a notorious smuggler who had for long been on their radar.

A waragi dealer, he often plied the Kagadi-Mpondwe route.

In his trickery, while heading to Mpondwe Border Post he would carry his waragi. On the way back, according to a vigilant citizen, he would fill the empty jerry cans with banned, skin lightening and cancer-causing cremes.

His “40 days” elapsed last Tuesday as he went about his smuggling activities following his modus operandi to the book.

Aware of the smuggler’s counter intelligence activities , the URA enforcement team opted for a ‘covert vehicle’ instead of a URA car.

At 7:00PM, six staff camped at a stretch between Kiburara and Kikorongo all the while in touch with the vigilant citizen monitoring the smuggler’s movement.

One and half hours later, a Toyota Kluger (UBA series) used by the smugglers as to recce the road sped past the URA team. This was confirmation that the smuggler was moments away.

Soon, the target, -a Toyota ELF truck Reg No.UAW558Q with concealed contraband cosmetics arrived. It was stopped immediately.

Verification was later done and 30 Cartons of contraband cosmetics were found on board. Offense management commenced immediately.

Health experts have consistently warned about cosmetics containing cancer agents.It is because of their danger to society that their importation is banned.

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