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URA Boss Musinguzi Rallies Ugandans To Pay Taxes As Tax Register Hits 3 Million Taxpayers

URA CG, Musinguzi at the launch of the Budget Month

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General, John R. Musinguzi as rallied taxpayers to pay their taxes so as to close the FY  2022/23 successfully and expand the tax register.

Musinguzi made the remarks Tuesday as he joined Ministry of Finance and  other key partners at the Uganda Media Centre to launch the National Budget Month for FY2023/24.

He noted that the tax register has in the past three years grown from 1,594,116 to 3,067,983 taxpayers.

“Essential to note is that the register is only 34% of the 9 million Ugandans eligible to pay tax, so there’s more work to be done and the National Budget Month is a step in the right direction,” Musinguzi said.

He added that the National Budget is not just a document that reflects the expenditure of government but “also a vital tool for improving welfare, it embodies our aspirations  for growth and development as a nation and ensures accountability.”

“A National Budget, however, cannot be effective without the active involvement and engagement of a nation’s citizens. The citizens are not only the beneficiaries of the budget but also contributors and as such have a right to know what their taxes are being spent on,” he said.

During the National Budget Month, URA, together with other stakeholders, raises awareness about the budget process, solicits feedback and input from various stakeholders and groups and promotes a culture of civic responsibility and ownership of the budget.

URA is expected to collect over Shs29.3Trillion in FY2023/24, an increment of over 3.7Trn from the current year’s target.

“We, therefore, call upon all Ugandans to support us in carrying out this task because we can’t do it without you,” he said.

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