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URA Becomes 1st Organization In Uganda To Introduce Braille Technology For The Visually Impaired

URA Commissioner General, John Musinguzi (5th Left) was joined by URA officials and some visually impaired taxpayers to launch Braille Technology  at URA offices today 

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has become the first organization in Uganda to introduce braille technology for the visually impaired.

URA’s overarching strategy seeks to “Promote a taxpaying culture through engaged citizenry, productive partnerships, leveraging technology, data and innovative staff.”

The URA Tax Education Strategy (FY 2020-25) drawn in line with the URA strategy focuses on several segments, among which Visually Impaired taxpayers form a continuum of taxpayers that need special attention. These, for so long, have been fenced out in the design of information access, policies and literature.

In reaching out to the visually impaired taxpayers, during the launch of the braille technology,  John Musinguzi, the Commissioner General said, URA finds it justifiable to use available opportunities and capacities so that the clients under this category do not feel left out. The rationale of this inclusive tax education strategy leans on the provisions of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act, 2007.

Education materials for visually impaired taxpayers

Therefore, URA seeks to build capacity among this special category of taxpayers by customising tax education content to ease access to information. The technology targets taxpayers who are visually impaired but with the ability to read, write/type and understand braille system.

“The rationale of introducing braille technology in tax education is to simplify tax education and make it available for everyone regardless of their physical and health status,” said the URA Commissioner General

But first and foremost, is to make special clients understand their rights and obligations as taxpayers. Like it is stated in the URA Client Service Charter, the technology will enable visually impaired taxpayers understand URA services, products, processes and procedures summarised in the transcribed starter packs.

This is a new area that URA had not yet ventured into yet it is also important in Developing Uganda Together. It should be noted that URA is an organization that does not discriminate against its clients.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
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