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UPDF Launches Second Phase of Attacks Against ADF Rebels

UPDF recently captured Kambi Ya Yua camp

The Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) and the Congolese Army have launched the second phase of their operations against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.

The forces say they have concluded the first phase of the operation after the combined troops captured the ADF camp in the thick forests of DRC. 

Major General Muhanga Kayanja, the overall commanderofoperation shujaa says they have now transited into a second phase where they will pursue the ADF by foot.

Addressing journalists in Bundibugyo on Saturday, Muhanga said the documents that were discovered by the joint forces indicate that the camp had 624 and its destruction is a clear setback to the group.

However, Muhanga mentioned that the forces are being challenged by the rough terrain and diseases affecting the personnel due to the thickness of the jungle.  He adds that the long lines of communication between Kampala and their operation field is hampering the timely delivery of logistics.

Muhanga maintains that the mission’s priority is to eliminate the ADF rebels and allow the return of lasting peace and commercial activities in the northeastern part of the DRC.

The ADF has for several years operated in the volatile North Kivu which borders other provinces including Ituri to the north and South Kivu to the South and has been a battleground for a number of rival armed ethnic groups since 1998.

The province consists of three cities including; Goma, Butembo, and Beni as well as six territories–Beni, Lubero, Masisi, Rutshuru.

According to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, the group has used the name Madina at Tauheed Wau Mujahedeen- City of Monotheism and Holy Warriors–MTM to refer to emphasize its links to the Islamic State.

ADF has been blamed for the recent attacks in Kampala that leftover seven people dead.

The joint operations against the Allied Democratic Forces in Central African province, started last month when the combined UPDF Air Force and artillery shelled Kambi Ya Yua, Tondoli, Belu1, and Belu2 which are found in North Kivu province in Virunga and Ituri impenetrable forests of Eastern DRC.


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  1. The UPDF has done a good job in fighting against the ADF rebels.

  2. The UPDF has done a good job in fighting agaist the ADF rebels.

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