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UPDF Engineering Unit Starts Road Works To Ease Ground Offensive Against ADF

Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga, the head of operation against the ADF

The UPDF Engineering Unit has started opening impassable roads in the Eastern Democratic of Congo. The road from Mukakati, where the UPDF has set up an operating base has been in an appalling state.

The Mukakati Forward operating Base lies in the middle of Ituri Forest which is 18km from the Uganda-DRC Border at Busunga. The road had hindered the UPDF ground offensive against Allied Democratic Force-ADF rebels. The road construction work is jointly done by UPDF and FARDC Engineers.

The construction works were flagged off by Col. James Kasule, the Operations Commander Sujja, and Col. Gbiabagolo Antionio from the Congolese Defence Forces.

Speaking to journalists in Mukakati, Col. Kasule said that the works will take two to three days they will have swept most part of the road to meet their counterparts who are clearing from the other side of Beni.

Col. Antionio said that the joint collaboration with the UPDF is moving on well and is optimistic that the ADF rebels will be no more in the area.

He added that the road is crucial because it will enable the two armies to move deeper in the forests where the ADF has several bases.

Maj. Peter Mugisa the UPDF spokesperson of the Operation added that UPDF through their community engagement initiatives, they have set up places to provide medical services and also water points for clean water.


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