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Uganda’s Security Isn’t Bad As It’s Portrayed, It’s Improving – Jeje Odongo

Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Abubaker Jeje Odongo (in featured photo) has said the country’s security isn’t as bad as the opposition and social media critics are trying to depict it as a result of what he called a few incidences of kidnap and murder.

“Security isn’t bad as it is portrayed; it is continuing to improve. Stop politicising security. Security is a common good. Let us continue ensuring security. We can all make Uganda much safer place to stay in,” Odongo said.

The Minister made the remarks today while responding to a question posed by Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake, who tasked Government to explain the recent kidnaps and murder of Ugandans.

In response, Odongo said that there is no society that is crime free and the beauty of all governments is to ensure that there is security, adding that the security situation is relatively good.

“The apparent situation is social media hype. The social media hype is partly good it increases awareness among citizens. The security agencies are trying to understand reasons behind this new trend. Politics is one of the drivers and NRM has been key at restoring peace and security in Uganda. Many NRM detractors know this and they’re trying to create impression that NRM is nothing to protect its citizens,” Odongo said.

He said the 999 number is going to improve so that citizens get quick response.

He added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is also holding discussions with Ministry of Finance to scrap off tax on CCTV cameras for private purchase to make the items affordable.

 “CCTV cameras are still expensive; removing tax would be desirable to make cameras more affordable. We have seen how some private CCTV cameras have been helpful in fighting crime,” he said.

However, Zaake castigated Odongo for accusing the Opposition for the security situation in the country.

 “We aren’t politicking this matter, people are kidnapped and murdered daily. What are you doing to help relatives get justice? You talked about 999 lines, but they don’t work, you can spend the whole day (calling), they never go through. Even private numbers of Police officers, the officers don’t pick up,” Zaake said.

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