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Uganda Ranked 3rd Country With Best Coffee Globally

Uganda is the 3rd country with best coffee globally, if 1,229 professional coffee tasters from around the world are to be believed.

According to beanpoet, the best coffee country in the world is Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s coffees, as a group, fell higher on the scale than those of any other country. It is followed by Kenya in second and Uganda in the 3rd spot.

This is based on coffees from around the world that were harvested from 2010 to 2018 and graded by 1,229 professional tasters certified by the Coffee Quality Institute.

The CQI is a non-profit organization that works internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it. Their certified coffee graders must pass 22 tests to prove they can grade coffee accurately and consistently by its aroma, flavor, acidity, body, balance and more.

Coffee-growing countries and how their coffees were rated

The chart shows where coffees from the top 16 countries fell on the grading scale, with a maximum score of 100. Each coffee is represented by a dot, and you can hover over the dot to read more details about the coffee.

The chart excludes the coffee-growing regions that had fewer than 20 coffees graded, and we also discarded one coffee from Honduras that somehow earned a score of zero. (That would have been unfair to all the other Honduran coffees!)

Country-by-country coffee grades

1. Ethiopia

Average rating: 84.88

2. Kenya

Average rating: 84.31

3. Uganda

Average rating: 84.05

4. Colombia

Average rating: 83.11

5. El Salvador

Average rating: 83.05

6. Costa Rica

Average rating: 82.79

7. Thailand

Average rating: 82.57

8. Indonesia

Average rating: 82.57

9. Brazil

Average rating: 82.41

10. Tanzania

Average rating: 82.37

11. United States

Average rating: 82.21

12. Taiwan

Average rating: 82.00

13. Guatemala

Average rating: 81.85

14. Mexico

Average rating: 80.89

15. Honduras

Average rating: 80.88

16. Nicaragua

Average rating: 80.46

So there you have it, a list of the top 16 coffee countries, in order, according to professional coffee graders. If you’ve ever wondered which countries have the best coffee, the answer appears to be Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Uganda Ranked 3rd Country With Best Coffee Globally

  1. kisembo moses Bahemuka

    Good magazine am proud Uganda being the third

  2. Barry David

    Were Uganda robusta coffees also tested and tasted or was the exercise confined to arabicas?

  3. Thanks for that Update on coffee rankings we believe also Ugandan organic Arabica coffee producers from Mt.Elgon,we are to improve on our areas of weakness in teams GAPs, post-havest handling and packing to see to it that we jump position 2 in Africa this year.
    Best regards,

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