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Uganda-Canadian Diaspora Coordinator Kalumba Vows To Develop Maddu, Gomba

Nalongo Jayne Kalumba who last week won the race to represent Maddu Town Council for the post of Mayor has vowed to use her experience to develop the area.

Nalongo beat Vincent Mugenyi despite violence and intimidation unleashed on her.

Kalumba is a renown Ugandan-Canadian looking forward to development Maddu Town Council by bringing in investors to uplift the area.

She says its something that inspired her to join the race. She is also the pioneer of Namukekera Agro found in Kapeeka.

Gomba west is one of the most known cattle corridors with very fertile land and many farms. This Canadian says she is determined to make a difference in her home area.

“We are expecting development activities with the creation of factories, hospitals and hotels among others,” Kalumba recently intimated to friends about her big dreams to uplift Maddu Town Council in Gomba.

In the run up to the primaries held on 16th, Kalumba experience violence and bribery all geared to fail her, however, she emerged victorious and wants to use the opportunity to turn Maddu into a modern town.

Sources have told this publication that the current leaders in the area have been accused of corruption that has left a lot of government facilities like hospitals in bad shape, something Kalumba is determined to change and the reason the campaign was so strong.

As pioneer of Namunkekera Agro-Processing Industries, the people of Maddu can expect to reap from her experience.

Namunkekera Agro-Processing Industries Limited (NAPIL) was incorporated as a private limited company   in 2007. NAPIL set out with a concept that was in line   with the Government’s adopted policy: Poverty   Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) 1996. This consists of   strategies to fight poverty.

Starting with Maize project over ten years ago, NAPIL/NRIC has by now diversified and is made of more than 3000 Maize outgrowers in the five districts of North Buganda namely; Luwero, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi,Nakaseke and Nakasongola with over 1500 acres of land.

Kalumba is determined to use that experience to change Maddu Town Council’s fortunes for the better.

Last year, President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, who was on a 3-day visit to Uganda at the invitation of President Museveni, toured the plant and was all praises for its impact on the community and economy.

Kalumba shot to fame when she worked as coordinator for Ugandans in the diaspora especially Canada.

“It has set up incentives, programs and relevant offices have been equipped to favorably handle these unconditional investors. Regardless of political affiliation, Museveni’s government now encourages Ugandan investors in Agriculture through its program of Wealth Creation,” she said as she coordinated the Wealth Creation Summit London in 2017.


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