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Trends in Uganda’s Plumbing Industry

Plumbing in Uganda is on the rise due to increasing construction demands by individuals, organizations and government civil works. Although not well documented, plumbing forms an integral part of the construction business contributing 13% to GDP according to National Bureau of Statistics FY2010/11.

According to Lawrence Mwesigye a plumber and co-founder of Royal Flush Limited, plumbing services are part and partial of the plumbing business and they’re on the rise

These include; pipe works, drainage line system installation & maintenance, sanitary ware installation, emergency plumbing services, installation of irrigation systems, tile fixing among others.

Plumbing work in progress

He revealed that in recent times the plumbing industry has not only increased, it is also taking a technological trend, “At Royal Flush we are receiving Customers who are in demand for the latest technology. The use of smart controls and other in built advancements are taking over; to meet the present day plumbing demands.” Mwesigye said in an interview with Business Focus.  

He added that the increase in both commercial and residential establishments, high population growth in urban areas and the peripherals, are good signals for the plumbing business though it comes with challenges; he says at Royal Flush the emphasis is on water efficiency technology, alternative water heating solutions; client engagement and education; and preparedness and readiness among others, which according to him are the real challenges of the industry.

The plumbing business is both capital intensive and highly professional, so to be in good business you need to be with at least one. But as the case with all businesses, the balance can always be attained by individual ingenuity. When asked if there is competition in the industry, the Royal Flush boss said that although there are a number of professionals out there and the number is still increasing, just as the competition is heating up, so is demand for plumbing Services.

Lawrence Mwesigye is a Plumber & co-founder of Royal Flush Ltd +256 782183548 +256 751663269

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