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Traumatized MAK VC Nawangwe Narrates How He Survived Being Beaten Up By MP Zaake

Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has narrated the horrific treatment he endured at the hands of Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake, saying the cantankerous Legislator flexed his muscles and tried to beat him up.

“He (Zaake) just poured a barrage of insults and made various derogative allegations in my person and I didn’t respond and he kept doing this despite efforts of the committee chairperson to restrain him and even the MPs neighboring him tried to restrain him but he didn’t stop,” said Nawangwe.

He made the remarks this morning while appearing before the Committee of Rules, Privileges and Discipline that is investigating Zaake’s conduct.

Nawangwe said  that Zaake’s treatment left  him traumatized and is afraid of appearing before any Parliamentary Committee for fear of being treated disrespectfully as Zaake did.,

He said that whereas he comes to Parliament to interact with committees on various issues that affect the University and Higher education sector, there are times the meetings have been tense because of the issues at hand, but he has always been handled with respect and with protection.

 “On this occasion, the meeting was quite hostile due to the behavior of one member of the committee. Of course as expected because of what had happened at the University, there was a combative mood in the committee but our delegation which had come were in my opinion quite respectful and reserved despite the hot environment and we listened to the committee for close to one and half hours and I didn’t submit any word during the submissions of any MP,” Nwangwe said.

He added that Zaake warned him against his attitude saying if he doesn’t change his attitude, he would make sure there was no end to the constant strikes at Makerere University.

 “After the meeting ended and after I had bid farewell to the chairperson of the committee, Zaake followed me and continued with his threats and pointing at me in a very disrespectful manner  despite all efforts of everybody in the room including my own colleagues to restrain them,” Nawangwe said.

He added: “He continued to hurl insults at me and even flexing muscles, so the chairperson of the committee took me aside and even started escorting me out of the room.”

The Committee is slated to interface with Zaake tomorrow morning as investigations into the lawmaker’s conduct continue after Speaker Rebecca Kadaga referred the Legislator for investigation for causing disrepute to Parliament.

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