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Top Museveni Adviser Warns President Against Grooming Muhoozi

A senior Presidential Adviser has warned Ugandan leader, President Yoweri Museveni against grooming his son to take over after him or promoting moves to lift the presidential age cap.

John Nagenda, Senior Presidential on Adviser on Media made these comments on Wednesday during an interview with Nation Television (NTV).

“40 years ago,this country was in total turmoil, please do not take us back to where power must change by force..let us think about the country instead of ourselves,” Nagenda said.

There have been scattered rumours that the President is preparing his son, Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba -commander special operations in the army- for the country’s top, something government trashes.

John Nagenda, Presidential Adviser on Media

Nagenda added, “I get nightmares that their is no apparent heir to M7 and as it happens to all human beings he dies…we will spend more years fighting for power…somebody should be groomed starting yesterday but not Muhoozi because he is not going to be a proper president but if he stands and people want him who Am I to oppose but I think he should not stand.”

A couple of years ago, a former military intelligence chief, General David Sejusa penned a missive warning that political and military leaders in the country had been lined up to be taken  out for their so called opposition to the mythical Muhoozi Project.

Nagenda also asked the 10th Parliament to reject any moves, if any are made to amend Article 102 (b) of the constitution that caps at 75 the age limit on Presidential contestants.

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