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Top Gov’t Officials Have Fake Academic Qualifications – IGG


The Inspectorate of Government, Beti Kamya has decried what she described as a monster that has hijacked a number of public offices, saying a number of officials holding sensitive offices forged their academic documents to obtain those jobs.

Kamya made the revelation while appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee where she had appeared to present the 2023/2024 ministerial policy statement for the Inspectorate of Government.

Kamya asked Parliament to join her in the fight against forgery, nepotism and sexual violence where candidates vying for jobs are being forced to exchange sex for job placements, revealing that the number of petitions on fake documents have prompted her to seek the intervention of the Minister of Education, Janet Kataha Museveni to take action on the institutions awarding these fake qualifications.

“Another monster that is growing, more dangerous every day which we need your support [is fake academic documents]. Increasingly, we get more petitions against officials in government who are holding sensitive petitions with fake certificates of competence, certificates from the famous Nasser Road,” Kamya said.

She added: “Jobs are on sale for money and nepotism, sex money, anything but not competence. This means that many people holding offices are mediocre, incompetent and not qualified, both in the public and private sector.”

Although Acrobert Kiiza (Bughendera County) admitted the existence of corruption in public service, he wondered why the Inspectorate didn’t indicate figures on the number of cases being investigated regarding the issue she raised.

“I want to agree with the IGG with the issue of forged documents. Indeed the issue of forged documents needs serious focus. But I am a little bit perturbed because I haven’t seen a number of cases you have investigated in regards to this issue yet in your presentation you indicated that this area requires serious focus,” said Kiiza.

Kamya’s concern reechoes findings in the December 2023 Auditor General’s report that revealed that some parish chiefs hired to oversee the multi-billion Parish Development Model had forged their academic documents.

The Auditor General cited sampled cases in Butaleja district where 15 out of the 39 recruited Parish chiefs had forged academic documents, which saw Government lose Shs12M.

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