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Supporting Young Talent: Fortebet Donates Balls To Ntinda Kids

Ntinda football youngsters were treated to full excitement when Fortebet, the Sports betting company with the largest branch network in Uganda and the highest betting odds ambushed and gave them new brand footballs.

Like it has been doing, Fortebet gave out brand new footballs to the under privileged children in Ntinda on Wednesday. The balls handover was done at Watoto Church playground to kids that were found playing a very old bad ball.

Fortebet Media Manager, John Nanyumba said that, “Today, these are the lucky kids to get our balls. We are giving them balls to help them achieve their dreams of being great football stars in Uganda and beyond. The kids don’t need to look for us. It is us that we shall look for them wherever they are and give them the balls.”

He added that, “We have a lot in stock in terms of sports items. We just need to locate where such kids are and we shall reach and support them.” Isma Kyazze, on behalf of his fellow kids thanked Fortebet for extending to them a helping hand.

“We have never played a new ball. This is the first time we are playing it. We are extremely happy for this gift and may God bless Fortebet,” Kyazze said.

Apart from extending a helping hand to the kids, Fortebet supports the Uganda Premier League and is always involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility activities and of recent, the company is giving back a number of gifts to its clients across its branches as a way of appreciating their loyalty.


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