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State H’se Rubbishes M7 Reports On Lumumba – Odoi Clash

State House has distanced itself from the statement circulating on social media alleging that President Museveni had written to the NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba over her office relationship with Dr. Tanga Odoi.

The Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama has in his brief reaction described the circulating statement as being ‘fake news’.

The statement titled “Museveni to Lumumba” is purportedly authored by an unidentified person within the office of the Presidential Private Secretary (PPS), office of the a president.

The party has issued a warning against the same behaviour.

“The secretariat hereby warns the public against creating and circulating statements intended to escalate conflicts,” a statement issued by Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer reads.

One thought on “State H’se Rubbishes M7 Reports On Lumumba – Odoi Clash

  1. ssebunnya fredrick

    Rogers Mulindwa’s disclaimer is just a scape goat. The statement ” Museveni to Lumuba ” is sensible and meaningful,perhaps its intention is to emphasize maturity,focus and vision while doing work,therefore bickering in media over minor issues like dancing, lipstick,big bum etc. should be ignored and focus on work.In fact its a kind of counseling to the Secretary General for her own good and the NRM party plus the country at large. Then for Mulindwa to claim that it deepens the misunderstandings or conflicts between the personalities at the secretariat holds no water. It seems Odoi Tanga was true that ” Mulindwa Rogers is senior six S.6 graduate”,that’s why he is poor at analysis and observation.

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