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Slight Price Increase On Foodstuff, Meat Ahead of Easter Sunday

Harunah Classic Butcher in Luwero Central Market . Prices of meat have slight increased in the market ahead of Easter Sunday

There is a slight increase in the prices of beef and foodstuff in Luwero town council due to shortage ahead of Easter Sunday. In Luwero Central and Kasana Markets, the price of beef has increased from Shillings 13,000 to 14,000 shillings whereas a Kilogram of goat meat is selling at Shillings 18000 from Shillings 17,000.  

A kilogram of offals has remained at Shillings 8000, liver Shillings 14,000 and fresh fish Shillings 17,000.

Chicken is going for Shillings 20,000 from Shillings 18,000shs for off layers, broilers Shillings 13,000 from Shillings 12,000 while local chicken cost Shillings 35,000 from Shillings 30,000.  

A bunch of banana now goes for between Shillings 9000 and 25,000 whereas a bag of sweet potatoes is going for Shillings 250,000 from Shillings 230,000. A box of tomatoes is going for Shillings 300,000. A bag of green pepper is selling at Shillings 100, 000 and onions have increased to 300,000 from Shillings 250,000.

Robert Zziwa, the Vice-Chairperson of Luwero Cattle Traders Association says that the slight increase in the price of meat is due to the scarcity of cattle as a result of prolonged drought and animal thefts. Zziwa explains that they used to slaughter over 100 head of cattle on Easter and Christmas season but today less than 35 head of cattle have been slaughtered in Luwero Central market.

He says that due to scarcity of the head of cattle and poverty among residents they have decided to slaughter fewer cattle. Lugonzo Kimeeze, a butcher in Luwero Central market, says that although there has been a slight increase in meat prices, there are few buyers.  

Harunah Ssekitoleko, the director of Classic Butcher in Luwero Central market, said that due to scarcity of head of cattle, pastoralists increased the prices of cattle to between Shillings 2-3 million per head.  

Other cattle traders blamed the scarcity over the repeated foot and mouth disease outbreak in the cattle corridor. The banana and fish traders also blamed the prices on the shortage in supply. Samuel Mukasa, a resident of Luwero town said that although there has been a slight price increase, the foodstuff and meat remain unaffordable to many citing the prolonged COVID 19 lockdown, which has affected many businesses.

He says that farmers who were not affected so much are crying foul over poor harvests making it difficult for them to buy many kilograms of meat for Easter. Mukasa said that he bought two kilograms of meat below the five kilograms he usually buys during Easter for his family.

Josephine Musoke, another resident said she couldn’t spend much on buying meat citing pressure over school fees as learners resume studies.    Meat, bananas, rice, chicken and fish form the bulk of the menu on Easter Sunday in Luwero.


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