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Shun Electricity Theft To Save Lives, Umeme Tells Mityana Residents

Umeme’s Isaac Katewanga the Western Region Manager speaks to the Area MPs and district leaders during the engagement

Communities in Greater Mityana have been cautioned against illegal power connections which not only pose a glaring safety risk but also compromise the quality of electricity as well as increase energy losses.

Speaking during a Stakeholder engagement meeting in Mityana with Area Members of Parliament and District Leaders, Umeme’s Head of Metering Services Victoria Namubiru said, “Power theft not only endangers the communities but also affects the reliability of supply and the network. We request you the District leadership to remind the communities about the dangers of power theft because electricity kills,”.

Ms Namubiru cautioned the public to be vigilant and report any issues of power theft or people masquerading as Umeme engineers.

The Greater Mityana and Mubende Area Members of Parliament raised many critical issues affecting their communities including delayed connections and power lines which have not reached their areas.

Mugisha Patrick Nshiimye, the Mityana District Chairperson asked Umeme and Government to clear the backlog of connections indicating many people had waited longer. “Our main task as district leaders is to see that we protect these installations which have been brought to us and also sensitize our people against stealing power through illegal connections. We, however, ask Umeme and Government to expedite connections. Many people who applied have been waiting for long” he remarked.

He also urged Umeme to give back to the communities and support different causes because the people also support the company.

Umeme’s Isaac Katewanga the Western Region Manager urged people to desist from connecting illegally to the grid but use electricity for social economic transformation.

“We commit that we do not operate in isolation, as such these engagements are aimed at sharing ideas with our local leaders who in turn will pass on the message to the people,” he said.

Umeme’s Head of Communications Peter Kaujju indicated that the utility had registered over 9 fatalities as a result of people stealing electricity.

“Electricity theft is not only illegal but a huge safety risk to our communities. This year alone, over 9 fatalities have been registered and all linked to power theft. It is important to follow procedure to secure connections. It takes a few days to get a connection after meeting the guidelines. We have the Government funded connections but in case one cannot wait and can afford full payment, they can be served at the earliest,” he said.

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  1. The police should be able to detect electricity theft at night.

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