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Sembabule Veterinary Authorities Probe Rabies-Like Outbreak In Livestock

Sembabule district veterinary department is investigating a rare disease strain that has led to the death of several cattle in the area. The contagious disease has been reported on various farms in Mitima sub-county where farmers have lost their animals after presenting with strange symptoms.

According to the farmers, the affected animals exhibit uncommon characteristics that include hypersalivation, body rashes, and a rare form of bellowing that graduates into general body weakness, and eventually, death occurs within four days.

Charles Nsibambi, one of the affected farmers, who has lost three head of cattle in one week, says that they are worried because they are faced with a strange disease. He says that the disease is spreading very fast, adding that it has been reported on the neighboring farms. Nsibambi says that the disease might cause huge losses to farmers if the problem is not dealt with immediately.

Margret Naluwemba, another affected farmer in Kitahira A narrates that they also lost three cows in one week even after trying several drugs in vain. She says that the affected cows also get harsh before their muscles get stuck, collapse, and stop eating. According to Naluwemba, she has lost 20 head of cattle with similar symptoms within two weeks.

Dr. Angelo Ssali, the Sembabule District Veterinary Officer, says that they have visited some of the affected farms and are already studying the situation to ascertain the disease. He, however, says that some of the animals present with signs and symptoms akin to that of rabies, which is usually associated with dogs and bats.

Dr. Ssali says that they have taken samples from the carcasses and sick animals, which they have forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture laboratories for tests to guide their cause of action.

Badru Muheezi, a local farmer has called upon the Scientists to expedite the investigations into the strange disease to save the farmers from the associated losses, saying they have already suffered losses resulting from the long drought.


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