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Security Unearth City Pastor’s New Plot To Blackmail Uganda Airlines Management

Mark Odeke. Below is Sebowa

With all efforts of blackmailing the new management of Uganda Airlines to retain multi-million advertising deal hitting a dead end, city pastor Mark Arnold Odeke has colluded with suspended Human Resource manager Joseph Sebowa in a full scale fight.

Odeke runs an advertising agency Abbavater’s which has been mentioned in the news headlines variously in alleged scandals. The agency had a contract with the old management of Uganda Airlines which was suspended by the President on grounds of corruption.

Abbavater’s contract has since expired.

Information trickling in, indicates that Odeke, a shrewd businessman clinched the advertising deal in what has been described as “illegal” since he was reimbursing a huge kickback to the suspended officials.

“He has been up and about trying to pester the new management to renew his contract. However, the officials have maintained that they won’t,” reads a security brief.

The man of God, as smart as he is known, has quietly launched a robust plan discredit the new management before the Board of Directors and its line Ministry (Works and Transport).

“He has been colluding with Joseph Sebowa, the Human Resource Manager who is among the suspended officials, as the latter forwarded very vital information to Odeke and some media houses to discredit the management at the Airline as failing,” a security report further suggests.

According to the plan, Pastor Odeke wants to bombard the public with negative stories on the Airline and to cause the appointing authority not to confirm the managers who are in acting capacity.

The security correspondence says that this pastor earlier acted as a whistleblower of the corruption at the Airline after he tendered in crucial information to State House which implicated Sebowa and ilk in unscrupulous activities.

It should be noted that the new top managers at Uganda Airlines are President Museveni’s appointments.

“Because Sebowa was the Human Resource Manager, he still has loyalists whereas he remains out of office. He has been contacting them seeking and feeding them with malicious information, peddling falsehoods against the new management. The point is, should Sebowa and other suspended official return to office, they immediately reactivate the mega deal with pastor Odeke,” a report says. 

The security report details areas where Sebowa and Odeke are focusing to discredit the new management before the board with misinformation.

Security has since got hold of the documents containing a heap of recycled lies from Odeke and Sebowa for further management.

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