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Rwandan Dies While Sleeping Under The Rain In Uganda

Another Rwandan national has been found dead in Kabale district in less than a week.

Paul Bangirana, aged 47 , a resident of Kyasako, Nyarwambo, Kaniga, Gicumbi district in Rwanda was found dead on Thursday evening at Rugaram village in Rwene parish, Buhara sub-county, Kabale district, about 70 metres away from the border in Uganda.

According to Goddess Kamuyenge, Bangirana’s wife and Gerevasio Birakwate, Rurarama village LC1 Chairman, Bangirana had left home on Wednesday evening and crossed to Uganda through a porous border for a drink local gin ( waragi).

While on his way back very drunk, Bangirana failed to walk and slept in the garden of Sweet potatoes, where he was found by the heavy downpour. It is in the process that he died.  Elly Maate, police spokesperson for Kigezi region confirms the incident saying that the deceased’s body has been taken to Kabale regional referral hospital for postmortem.  The case is registered at Kabale central police station under file number CRB 749/2021.

On Monday morning (30th August), Theoneste Dusabimana, a male adult aged 52 and a resident of Gicumbi District in Nothern Province of Rwanda, was found dead with multiple deep cuts on the head in Rushaki village, Karujanga ward, Katuna town council, Kabale district.  The case is registered at Kabale central police station under file number CRB 743/2021.

However, Rwanda through the online news agency NEW TIMES Rwanda claimed that the death was another of endless cases of Rwandan civilians abducted and illegally detained, most times kept in unknown places in Uganda. The news agency also claimed that Ntwari Bahati, another Rwandan national was discovered dead from apparent strangulation, in the Ugandan capital Kampala on the eve of Sunday, August 29.

According to the news agency, there was also an attempt to burn the body of the deceased man, who worked as a car mechanic in Kampala. He had lived in Uganda for four years. The news agency says that ever since Uganda “decided to back, sponsor and facilitate groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda, most notably Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress-RNC, and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda-FDLR genocidal forces, life has become very difficult for Rwandan citizens traveling to Uganda or those already resident there”.

 The government of Rwanda has previously warned nationals against traveling to Uganda, indicating that their safety cannot be guaranteed in the neighboring country.  Rwanda has closed its borders with Uganda since February 2019. But since then seven Ugandans have been shot dead in Rwanda on accusations of smuggling.


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