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Royco Simmers With Mama D To Cookathon Guinness World Record

Rayco was the main sponsor of  Dorcus Bashema Kirabo alias Mama D/photo by Edgar Baronega

A few minutes to 10am on the morning of Thursday December 28, a countdown that would get Uganda another outstanding recognition in the World Guinness Records started.

Professional chef, Dorcus Bashema Kirabo alias Mama D was just minutes away from breaking the Guinness Cookathon World Record, after cooking for four nights and five days at Zoe’s Cakes n Bites in Kira Division.

Handclaps and cheers got louder as the clock ticked. Clad in a green apron branded Royco in tribute to her condiment sponsor, Mama D still managed a bright smile on her face, as she got closer to beating Irish man, Alan Fisher’s, cooking record of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, that was set on October 3, 2023, in Japan.

She would go on for an extra day to make 144 hours of cooking to set a new world record.

“It has not been easy but here we are. I have broken the record and I’m still going on. I appreciate the love and outpouring of  support from across the nation. Hundreds of people physically kept me company and others cheered me on on social media,” she said.

“I could not have made it without the different partners that believed in me to make this dream come true. Special thanks to Royco for giving me the best ingredients that ensured I achieved this record with very tasty meals,” said Mama D.

Dorcus Bashema Kirabo alias Mama D preparing a meal/photo by Edgar Baronega

Between the morning of December 23, and December 29, 2023, when she broke the world record, Mama D had cooked 121 different meals including  kigere, rolex, pilau , beans , Katogo, offals, beef and chicken exhibiting the versatility of Royco Variants  in delivering a tasteful range of local delicacies.

‘Because her ambition is similar to Royco’s brand purpose of giving our community the ‘Strength To Do More’, we felt it imperative to partner with Mama D. She needed all the support, because her dream called for a lot of resolve, and I am glad we walked this journey  to success with her. She is an inspiration and we are proud of her,” said Wangechi Gitahi, the Category Marketing Manager Unilever Uganda, the makers of Royco.

In the spirit of sharing during this festive season , Mama D celebrated Christmas  by spreading the love as she shared her Royco Delicious meals with  the community.

Boxing Day, which was also her birthday, even set a better pace and mood, as her friends and fans that included some celebrity names, stormed her cookathon to enjoy some of her meals, and show support.

According to Hilda Aguti, the Nutrition Category Manager at Unilever Uganda, the makers of Royco, Mama D’s determination to break a world record is a bold move that deserves massive celebration for Uganda as a country.

“It’s not an everyday occurrence that a Guinness World record is broken or set. It’s a feat that takes preparation and dedication to achieve. As Royco, we are happy for Mama D, she is a shining star who has made the country proud. We knew Mama D was embarking on a mission that required her to have lots of strength and endurance, and we are more than happy that we enabled her not to just break a world record, but set a record with very delicious Royco meals,” Aguti said.

Royco ensured Dorcus Bashema Kirabo alias Mama D breaks the Guinness Cookathon World Record/photo by Edgar Baronega

Different social media platforms were awash with posts cheering on, and praising Mama D for the determination and amidst all the tension her meals were deliciously delivered.

Mama D joins the list of Ugandans with world records. These include Rukidi IV Oyo of Toro (youngest king), Raymond Kahuma (largest Rolex), Joshua Cheptegei (10,000ms), and Phaneero Ministries (longest clap).


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