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Roofings Champions Tree Planting Initiative At Kampala Industrial Business Park

Dr Sikander Lalani, Chairman Roofings group  and Hon Evelyn Anite , Minister of state for Privatization and Investment launching the tree planting campaign at Roofings Rolling Mills  on 31st May 2024 

Roofings Group together with Minister of State Privatization and investment, Hon. Evelyn Anite launched a campaign to plant 2,000,000 in Kampala Industrial Business Park, Namanve. In collaboration with Uganda Investment Authority, Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, and National Environment Management Authority, has today launched a Tree Planting initiative that aims to mitigate the environmental impact of the industries located in the business park.

During his speech at the launch event, held at Roofings Rolling Mills in Namanve, the Director General of the Uganda Investment Authority, Robert Mukiza. , highlighted that as the flagship investment in the industrial park, Uganda Investment Authority is proud to have witnessed Roofings growth from the baby steps as they set up the factory 20 years ago.

“We are honored to witness sustainable industrialization in Kampala Industrial Business Park with Roofings as the pioneer. I thank Roofings group for the trees and for work as a commitment, Uganda Investment Authority will work hand in hand on this agenda starting with 2,000 trees that will be distributed to the different industries in the park for planting.” stated Robert.

Speaking at the function, the Executive Director, National Environment Management Authority, Barirega Akankwasah noted that NEMA has been waiting for such a day to conceptualize the initiative and pledged total support to bring it to life. He further commended Dr. Lalani for the vision. He noted that industrial activities have an impact on the local ecosystems and as manufacturers, it is important to keep the ecosystems alive. As he concluded his speech, he assured Roofings that from this investment, they shall reap good dividends.

Roofings Group chairman, Dr Sikander Lalani planting a tree during the launch at Roofings Rolling Mills in Kampala Industrial Business Park on 31st May 2024.

The Chairman, Roofings Group, Dr. Sikander Lalani started off his speech by congratulating His Excellency the president of Uganda, Minister in Attendance and UIA for the tremendous work done in the KIBP. He said that Roofings took a bold step to set up in the park 20 years ago on request of the president and have so far witnessed roads being constructed, security provided, water and the ever-growing industrial development. ‘’As we launch tree planting, Roofings has a resolute team for the regreening agenda which gives out free tree seedlings under the forever forestry initiative.

In addition, we produce oxygen which we are ably providing to hospitals in Uganda having produced 70,000 cylinders. This was witnessed especially during the COVID 19 era, 3 years ago. In his closing remarks, Dr. Lalani thanked the government of Uganda, UIA, NEMA for partnering with Roofings group to drive the green agenda in Kampala Industrial Park, Namanve.

The Honorable Minister, Evelyn Anite, commended Roofings Group for its initiative-taking participation in environmental sustainability efforts. She highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering a culture of corporate responsibility and urged other companies to follow Roofings Group’s example. “Roofings Group has set a commendable precedent with their Tree Planting Initiative. I encourage all companies to take similar actions to ensure a greener and more sustainable future for Uganda. It is through collaborative efforts like these that we can make a significant impact on our environment and our communities,” stated Minister Anite.

Minister of state for Privatization and Investment, Hon Evelyn Anite planting a tree at Roofings Rolling Mills in Kampala Industrial Business Park earlier today.

In her closing remarks, the minister commended Dr Lalani on the expansion of Phase 4 which will create additional 500 jobs. She noted that since inception the industrial park has created 40,000 direct jobs and over 300,000 have been created indirectly.

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