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Presidential Advisors Go For Three Years Without Pay!

Presidential advisors appointed by President Yoweri Museveni three years ago haven’t received their salaries and allowances during this period.

The matter was raised Tuesday on the floor of Parliament by Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa, who wondered why Parliament was duped into believing that these presidential advisors had been paid.

Okupa said that despite raising the same matter in July that the presidential advisors who were appointed on September 19th 2016 haven’t paid, no action has been taken yet.

“The Minister of Finance after we passed the budget gave a guarantee that actually the money had been provided for and said they would be paid. To date they haven’t been paid any single coin. It is embarrassing that such senior members of society who were appointed by the President can be treated to this level,” said Okupa.

In 2016,  President Museveni announced a number of new presidential advisors including former Makerere University Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, who was named presidential advisor on Kigezi Affairs.

Other Advisors are Dr. David Kazungu, Lt Anthony Kyakabale, Dr. Nathan Kalema, Bishop Likode Masokile, Col William Omaria, Victor Kodel, Henry Makmot,  Patrick Lajul, Consy Oboma, Jane Francis Kagayi, Ogwang Ochwo, and Mayimuna Juma Yusuf among others. 

Okupa asked the Executive to start respecting the presidential directives.

 “If the Minister has anything useful, he may pass this information to the citizens. It is embarrassing, it was the head of state that appointed these people, put signature to paper and they keep coming to our offices begging. Enough is enough, let the Government respect the signature of the President,” he said.

In response, Ruth Nankabirwa, the  Government Chief Whip told Parliament that the President had been informed about the plight of his advisors.

 “I want to assure you that the President was informed, the Ministry of Presidency will tell us what the President responded,” she said.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah directed the Minister in Charge of Presidency, Esther Mbayo to explain why some presidential advisors have gone for three years without pay.

It should be recalled that President Museveni recently appointed singers Mark Bugembe aka Buchman as presidential advisor on Ghetto Affairs and Catherine Kusasira as Presidential Advisor on Kampala Affairs.

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