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Police To Start Biting Distributors Of Pornographic Videos

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo has warned of stringent action on any one found and caught distributing pornographic videos or any related content.

He said this while meeting with members of the Uganda Film Producers Association and movie vendors Kampala Metropolitan.

Mr Kafeero asked the public to desist from circulation and consumption of pornographic material whether on social media or via the traditional electronic and print media or in any other form.

He further said that for the purposes of the law, it matters not from where the offending material originates however strongly public members of dire consequences warned if the circulation of pornographic materials is not tackled

Speaking about pornographic material routinely accessed, he said that there is academic evidence coming out to suggest it as having an impact on how young people in particular perceive relationships and women.

“We have to make it clear that this is not the direction we believe our society should be going and the outcome of not addressing these effects is likely to result into a higher number of victims of serious sexual crime,” he said.

In the fight against pornography in the country various laws have been passed like the Anti-Pornography Act and various task force groups like the Pornographic Control Committee.

The nine member Pornographic Control Committee was created by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity Hon. Fr. Simon Lokodo .

The committee is headed by Dr. Annet Kezaabu Kasimbazi who is the chairperson and some of the members like Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church who started the fight as early as 2001 with the purpose of tackling pornography because most of the viewers are affected and end up committing crimes

The Pornographic Control Committee is tasked with ensuring early detection and prohibition of pornography, apprehension and prosecution of perpetrators, collection and destroying of pornographic materials and objects,promoting the rehabilitation of individuals affected by pornography, among others.

Kafeero pledged mass sensitisation of those dealers in filming industry to avoid operational mistakes and called upon whoever has phonographic materials to hand them over to police before any operation is carried out.

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