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Performing Artists’ Emyooga SACCO Leaders Fight Over Cash

The leaders of Zombo District performing artists and Zombo district gospel music association are bickering over the alleged illegal withdrawal of Emyooga cash.

Zombo district performing artist association is accusing the District Commercial Officer Lamet Olum of reportedly conniving with the gospel music association members to change the signatories of the bank account without the knowledge of the original signatories to the SACCO Account.

According to the aggrieved members, the individuals went ahead to withdraw 30 million Shillings from the SACCO account at the Centenary bank Paidha branch on Wednesday 17, August 2022.

They argue that the funds were used to purchase a Fuso canter truck with registration number UBA 764Z which is contrary to the initial plan of the SACCO. During its inception, the SACCO members had planned to use the funds to set up a modern state-of-the-art recording and video studio in Zombo so as to boast the Music and Performing art industry.

Ronald Obedmoth, the Secretary of Zombo District performing artist association says that they learned of the withdrawal after receiving a notification message from Centenary Bank Paidha Branch.

On Tuesday, the aggrieved members stormed the launch of Fuso canter lorry at Paidha Cultural Center and blocked the activity saying their grievances should be addressed.

Olum has denied any wrongdoing in the matter. He however noted that an attempt is being made to address the issue between the rival groups.

“There is an attempt being made to resolve the issue. The matter was adjourned to Thursday”, he said.

However, the Zombo Deputy RDC Grace Atim refuted the allegations saying the aggrieved artists failed to receive their money because they missed some requirements unlike their fellow gospel performing artists that received their money.

Launched in August 2019, the presidential initiative on wealth and job creation Emyooga programme seeks to transform 68-per cent of homesteads from subsistence to market–oriented production with the overall aim of promoting job creation and improving household income.


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