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Parliament Defends Speaker Kadaga, ‘Police’ Intervention

The Parliament of Uganda has defended Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, noting that she didn’t act outside the Rules of Procedure.

The revelation was made by Parliament Spokesman, Chris Obore, who  also defended Police intervention though he denied the plain clothed people believed to be from SFC that entered Parliament yesterday and tortured Members of Parliament especially those opposed to age limit removal. This after a fight erupted inside Parliament between NRM MPs and those opposed to the removal of age limit that if removed will see President Yoweri Museveni who has been in power since 1986 rule for life.

“As to who Police worked with, I don’t know all the units of Police. So the arrival of plain clothed people is unknown to us whether those were other Police reinforcements or any other but the eviction was to us by Police,” Obore said.

“For us we believe it is the Police because they took over but in Police operations we don’t know which units. Then the Police should tell us why their presence is here. Parliament can never run to any security organization other than the Police,” he added.

He explained that the Police are “ideally supposed to be everywhere because the Police are supposed to provide safety to citizens and for Parliament, the threat levels to Parliament are not just local.”

He said the politicking can now take place because Parliament is a center, but the facts must maintain their place-that the Speaker acted within the law which law was given by the MPs.

“To say she should have begun with this instead of the other means that the order paper must be decided by every member which isn’t in the Rules. If the Speaker has the power to decide what goes on in the order paper where is the justification for saying she should have begun with this not the other? It remains the matter of opinion so the action of the Speaker is within the Rules,” Obore said.


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