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Pan African Parliament Honours Uganda For Hosting Refugees

The Pan African Parliament has recognised Uganda for its treatment and hospitality to refugees in host communities.

In one of the resolutions adopted Friday, the Pan African Parliament encouraged African countries to consider the model of refugee administration, where refugees are integrated in host communities.

PAP also honoured Rwanda and Algeria for “being model countries in their treatment of and hospitality towards refugees in host communities and called upon African countries to emulate those best practices.”

The resolutions were adopted at the end of the Second Ordinary Session of the Fifth Parliament held in Midrand, South Africa, 2 – 17 May 2019. It brought together representatives from all AU Member States, under the AU year’s theme: “The year of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons: towards durable solutions to forced displacement in Africa.”

Uganda is home to over one million of Africa’s over six million refugees.

PAP condemned acts of inhumane treatment of refugees and displaced persons and asked the African Union to take necessary measures to achieve the agenda of silencing the guns by 2020.

The PAP noted that violent conflicts and the effects of climate change are the two major causes of displacement in Africa, owing largely to poor governance. It also noted that refugees and internally displaced persons often live in deplorable conditions and are deprived of human rights and basic social services.

“Curbing violent conflicts and ensuring effective management of displacement in Africa could contribute significantly to the economic development of the continent and the attainment of the objectives of Agenda 2063,” reads part of the resolution.

It emphasized that the eradication of all forms of violent conflicts in Africa would significantly reduce the number of refugees and internally displaced persons.

PAP asked the AU to investigate the alleged sale of migrants in Libya and take urgent action to address the matter; and engage the European Union in handling migrants that are prevented from entering Europe.

PAP called upon the AU to help conflicting parties in Africa to resolve their differences to allow refugees to return to their countries; and to help set up effective early warning systems to detect and prevent the eruption of new conflicts.

African governments were also called upon to take the issue of natural disasters into account in their national strategies, to resolve the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons. Governments were also asked to ratify, domesticate and implement African Union instruments on refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees and also accede to the global compact on refugees.

PAP President, Roger Nkodo, adjourned the session, appealing to legislators to reflect on the problems faced by Africans and try to put their speeches into action.

“Reflect on the problems of the African people; dedicate the will and efforts to meet the interests of the people,” he said.

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