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Pan African Movement, Juche Committee Organise E-Conference To Honor DPRK Founding Leader Kim Il Sung

The Uganda National Committee on the Study of Juche Idea in conjunction with the Pan African Movement – Uganda, have organized an online seminar to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the passing of H.E Comrade Kim Il Sung, Eternal Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, which occurred on 08th July, 1994.

H.E Kim Il Sung devoted his whole life to accomplishing the anti-imperialist cause for independence of man kind. To ensure this, he authored and brilliantly applied the philosophical principle of Juche idea to the cause of national liberation struggle. He put forward guidelines that the oppressed peoples of the world could achieve freedom and independence by their own efforts.

Juche idea is the guiding ideology of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the cause of global independence, exerting a great influence on the developing era and the shaping of the destiny of human beings beyond the limits of time and space.

Speaking on the event, the Pan African Movement Uganda chapter’s head of administration, Newton Balenzi, said;

“The current young generation is highly indebted to carry on the mantle of the revolution in a realistic way as the mentors like Kim Il Sung did.”

In June 1930, he set forth the line of an organized armed struggle by one’s own revolutionary armed forces and the relevant strategic and tactical issues. This became to be an example in the history of national liberation struggles by giving a scientific and theoretical explanation to the problems of the revolutions for national liberation in the colonies for the first time in history by leading the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory.

“‘The people are my God’;has been my constant view and motto. The principle of Juche, which calls for drawing on the strength of the masses who are the masters of the revolution and construction, is my political creed. This has been the axiom that has led me to devote my whole life to the people.”

Today, the DPRK continues to prosper under the wise leadership Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un. Relying on the principles of Juche idea, the country has maintained a steady national unity, sovereignty and development of the economy,science and technology. This comes at a time when US’ imperialism continues to press the DPRK with illegitimate sanctions and unwillingness for genuine dialogue.

The purpose of this commemoration is to give hope to the struggle and help to rally global solidarity in the fight against imperialism.  Africa too needs to strengthen its capacity and mobilize its people under the notion of self-reliance and unification of the continent in able to realize the goal of becoming a world power. 

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