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Omo Roots For Kids To Play As They Launch New Unbeatable Stain Removal Detergent

Left to Right: Trade and Consumer Marketing Manager Wangechi Gitahi, Unilever country Director Joanita Menya Mukasa (center) and Category & Channel Development Emmauel Kabugo during the launch of the new OMO unbeatable stain removal at their offices in Kampala last week.

Unilever Uganda this morning launched the new and improved OMO laundry detergent at their offices in Kampala.

The new OMO comes with an improved formulation and unbeatable stain removal including an enhanced whitening performance packaged in a fresh new look. The new formulation delivers on unbeatable strain removal, fresh fragrance and is guaranteed to brighten clothes.

“Messy play is an integral part of children’s early childhood development. It allows kids’ imaginations to soar while helping to shape and mold social, creative, and critical thinking skills. We therefore, appeal to parents to let kids be kids, allow them to play and explore as we have sorted your washing needs with the new improved OMO that delivers on unbeatable stain removal with fresh fragrance,” said Wangechi Gitahi, Trade and Consumer Marketing Manager, Unilever Uganda

“The idea that dirt is a good is not only catchphrase for OMO. It lies at the core of our brand, supported by patent protected technology that gives your children the freedom to get dirty while giving the parent assurance that OMO will remove those tough stains after a day filled with messy play exploring the wonders of the world,” she added.

“With the new and improved OMO unbeatable stain removal formula, our customers will now use less powder for washing, which saves them money especially during these hard economic times. It is available from as low as Shs500 in all shops, duukas and supermarkets close to you,” Unilever Category and Channel Development Manager – Home Care, Emmanuel Kabugo, said at the launch.

“We believe in making dirt a proud mark of a life fully lived! Trust OMO to take care of your clothes while allowing you to celebrate life without fear of stains,” he added.

The OMO brand also has OMO bleach that is available in regular lemon and color safe variants delivering extra clean freshness for laundry, floors and surfaces with pleasant aroma that does not sting the nose.

In her closing remarks, Unilever Managing Director Joanita Menya Mukasa emphasized Unilever’s commitment to its customers and why the brand chose to create the new formula.

“Our commitment as Unilever Uganda is to deliver high quality, affordable and purpose led brands that serve you, our everyday mainstream consumers and create a brighter future for all Ugandans.  Through OMO, we support sports among children encouraging them to do their best have fun and learn. Every experience should be memorable and impactful to their brighter future,” she said.

“We therefore request all Ugandans to try out the new and improved OMO, be an OMO ambassador to your friends and family,” she added.

OMO has a range of laundry products ranging from washing powder, liquid detergents, and capsule. The new & improved OMO is now available at shops, supermarkets and duukas countrywide.

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