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OIL CURSE! Shs14bn Petroleum Fund Documents Stolen From Energy Ministry

As Ugandans struggle to take in the controversial Shs6bn handshake, the Ministry of Energy seems to have been rocked with another scandal.

Business Focus has established that documents showing proof of payment of oil revenues by oil companies have disappeared with no trace from the East African country’s Ministry of Energy And Mineral Resources.

According to reports, the details of the mysterious disappearance emerged on Wednesday morning during the probe into the Shs6bn oil cash bonanza payments amongst top government officials.

Among the terms of reference that the Committee of Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), included looking into all the oil revenues that lie in the consolidated fund, since the establishment of the Petroleum Fund.

Uganda’s Energy Minister Irene Muloni

In their first meeting with the Committee, the officials of Ministry of Energy led by Minister Irene Muloni were asked to avail documents detailing the oil revenues collected, a demand the Ministry complied with.

But further scrutiny of the documents by the legislators revealed that receipts totalling to Shs14.3bn had gone missing.

According to COSASE Chairman, Abdu Katuntu, the documents the Ministry tabled are questionable since they raised more questions than answers.

“We have a problem with the document you submitted last time. Some appear in the statements and there are no receipts. We would like to know in detail how much money has accrued from signature bonuses, data payments, discovery bonuses, penalties from non-payments and later alone the tax revenue, stamp duty and Capital Gains Tax,” Katuntu said.

He added that an analysis conducted on the submitted documents showed some crucial documents missing.

“We have done analysis of the document you gave us and this is what we have so far noted. Receipts for 2012/13 were not presented though they appear on your statements. Receipts for FY 2013/14 No 1437 and No 14804 were not presented. Receipts FY 2014/15 No 17584 and NO 17585 were not presented though they appear on the statement,” the Bugweri lawmaker noted.

“Receipts for 2015/16 No 18355 and No 18354, No 18387, No 18388,No 18979,No 18887 were also not presented. Your record shows that it was received on the 6th October 2016, there is no receipt,” he probed.

He noted that although some money was captured in the statements, there is no proof of their existence since no receipts were supplied to back up the submissions.

“We also know that USD113, 400 supposed to have been received on the 7th October 2016 is also not receipted yet it is reflected on the statement. Amount which we have added which is on the summary of your statements but not receipted is Shs14.3bn.

Ernest Rubondo

Ernest Rubondo, who was the Director of Petroleum at the Ministry during the processing of the Presidential Handshake admitted not producing the documents. He is now

“We didn’t submit the receipts and we note the review of the submission and aspects that are missing, we request we look at the specifics and we get back to you. Give us some time to look at those that were specifically not sent, because I don’t see why they weren’t sent,” Rubondo pleaded.

The Committee has ordered the Auditor General, John Muwanga to carry out a forensic audit on both Bank of Uganda and Ministry of Energy and further establish the money that lies on the Petroleum Fund and how it has been spent.

On Thursday, the Committee is set to interface with other top officials who received the handshake among which include; Allen Kagina, Keith Muhakanizi, Kabagambe Kallisa, Jennifer Musisi.

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    My major concern is not the handshake, personally I receive bonus.At a time wn I perform well Bt the greatest question now is? Where is the balance of that mny which the govt gained.

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