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NSSF Embarks On A 3,500 Units Affordable Housing Project In Temangalo, Cheapest House To Cost Shs90M

Richard Byarugaba (2nd Left-front row), the NSSF Managing Director, joined by officials from the Fund and the contractor, giving journalists a guided tour of the Temangalo housing project

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has embarked on the construction of its mixed-use affordable housing project in Temangalo, Wakiso District.

The project is approximately located 17kms from Kampala City Centre and the total project land measures 463.87 acres.

Construction of Phase 1 comprising 550 units that include 200 bungalows, 100 town houses, 50 villas and 200 apartments and attendant infrastructure started in October 2021, and is scheduled to be completed in June 2024. 350 units are already on the ground.

The phase 1 project construction works are 25% complete. Henan Gouj is the contractor for the project.

During a media tour of phase 1 project construction works on Wednesday, the NSSF Managing Director, Richard Byarugaba, revealed that when completed, the project will comprise 3,500 houses of various types, retail and commercial spaces, community amenities including education, health and social facilities, a large neighbourhood green park, associated infrastructure including roads, electric power, sewage drainage and water supply.

Richard Byarugaba, the NSSF MD addressing journalists

The project cost is UShs104bn but could be revised upwards due to the prevailing inflationary pressures and economic conditions, Byarugaba said.

He noted that according to Centre for Affordable Housing and the World Bank, housing can be considered affordable if  the selling price of an organized development is going for between US$50,000 to US$95,000 and low cost if the selling price is between US$15,000 to US$49,000.

“Going by this definition, the positioning of this project is within the affordable space. At a starting price of UShs90m, we are confident that organized affordable housing will be within reach for many Ugandan households,” Byarugaba said.

He added that they have unimpeachable titles to all the land that the Fund purchased in 2008.

“The Fund is also the registered proprietor and is in possession of all the land titles. We are confident that the houses will be on the market for sale in 2024,” he said.

Some of the housing units under construction

Byarugaba also clarified that the Fund builds projects for the open market, with the overall aim of earning a return that is paid to its members in form of interest at the end of every financial year.

The Fund’s other real estate projects include the Citadel Place, a modern contemporary housing project with 40 high end apartments in Mbuya, Solana Lifestyle and Residences, an award winning, self-sustaining satellite city with mixed-use housing and commercial developments in Lubowa, and the off-taker project, an affordable housing estate comprising 160 housing units in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb.

Commercial projects include Pension Towers, a modern commercial complex comprising of 32 floors, and Mbale City House currently under construction.

Others are Mbarara and Jinja City Houses, two modern retail and office buildings, Workers House and Social Security House that are located in the heart of Kampala.

Taddewo William Senyonyi
William is a seasoned business and finance journalist. He is also an agripreneur and a coffee enthusiast.

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