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NRM: Presidential Candidates Should Declare Their Assets To IGG Before Nomination

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling has proposed that presidential candidates be mandated to declare their assets and liabilities to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) before nomination.

This proposal was put forward by the Secretary General of the NRM, Justine Kasule Lumumba while appearing today before the Parliamentary Legal Committee that is scrutinizing the electoral reform bills that were presented by government last month.

NRM also wants every presidential candidate to present their campaign budget to the Electoral Commission during nomination.

Lumumba was responding to a proposed amendment to the Presidential Elections Act that would require candidates to declare their source of financing 14 days after nomination.

However, Medard Lubega Segona, the Busiro East MP queried why the NRM wants a candidate to be brought under the ambit of the leadership code when they are not yet a leader.

The NRM party has also declared support for Insertion of clause 9(A) into the parent act regarding eligibility of a candidate to run as an independent. This clause would require any party member to seek discharge from their party before running as an independent.

Lumumba said that this clause seeks to preserve multi party democracy in the country. She added that  it will prevent disruption and sabotage of political party strategy and activities.

Although Lumumba said the party is in support of this clause,  she said the law should define the procedure of how a person is discharged by a political party to prevent abuse of this section by political parties 

She has suggested that a clause be included that prevents political parties from unreasonably and without lawful justification withhold or delay to discharge the candidate.

The chairperson of the Committee Jacob Oboth Oboth however noted that the mover of the reform bills Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana had conceded to calls by MPs on the committee to withdraw this proposed amendment last month.

Lumumba also opposed plans by the Electoral Commission to ban cameras at polling stations.

The proposal to restrict use of cameras at polling stations was reiterated by the chairperson of the Electoral commission Justice Simon Byabakama during celebrations to mark International day of Democracy at the Kololo ceremonial grounds last week.

Lumumba also denied that the NRM party has endorsed president Museveni as the party presidential candidate.

A resolution by the Central Executive Committee of the party early this year endorsed the president as the NRM sole candidate for the 2021 general elections. This resolution was popularized across the country by several party cadres who declared their support for the CEC decision.

However Lumumba told the committee today that this does not mean that the party has closed nominations for presidential flag bearers.

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