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New Title on Gov’t Land Shocks Minister

The Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Eng. Hillary Onek is shocked by the existence of a new land title that was fraudulently processed on the seven square mile piece of land that government secured to resettle the 1,780 people.

Government acquired the vast land and processed a title in 2016 to resettle people who had encroached on Kyangwali settlement land.

During a visit to the area on Friday, residents informed the minister that there was another title on the same piece of land. 

The title a copy of which URN has seen is on Block 3, Plot 107 covering 778.5700 hectares in the villages of Nyamigisa and Kyeya.

It was processed and signed by the Registrar of Titles on August 9th 2018 as a joint Tenants Title in the names of Living Twazagye, Godfrey Timuriho, Seth Taremwa Bakugate, Fred Mbambari and Peter Taremwa.

Led by Nestori Tumwesigye, the residents informed the Minister that the existence of the new Land title could subject them to further evictions by people who claim to be the rightful owners.

Onek wonders how a second title emerged on a land that government acquired legally. He told the residents that the matter will be investigated.

He says those who processed the title could turn around after the resettlement exercise and evict the people.


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