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New Cattle Disease Breaks Out In Northern Uganda

At least eight cattle have died in Agago District following an outbreak of the black quarter disease. The most affected areas are Badmunu, Abone, and Biwang villages in Lira Palwo Town Council.

The black quarter disease is an infectious bacterial disease visible through loss of animal body energy, and swollen limbs, resulting in lameness, and high body temperature.

The disease usually affects cattle, sheep, and goats and always kills infected animals faster.

Richard Ocan a livestock farmer in Badmunu village said he lost one of his five animals to the disease and when it was cut open, some of its organs had turned dark.

Bosco Tookuru, the LCI Chairperson of Badmunu Village says that at least eight animals have died in his village alone. Tookuru said although farmers are vaccinating their animals, many more are still dying, including those that have been vaccinated.

Ricky Ocaya, a Veterinary Officer in Lirapalwo Town Council and Sub County said they have embarked on vaccination of animals in Lira Palwo and Lira Palwo Sub counties to contain the spread of the disease.

Ocaya said the disease occurs every year between January to March before the onset of rain so farmers should vaccinate their animals every year. He however said that much as they want to vaccinate animals in all the affected areas, the turn up is poor among farmers because they don’t want to part with the fee of 3,000 Shillings.

Ocaya said containing the disease is compounded by farmers who leave their animals to roam for days without setting eyes on them.


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