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New App Gives Boost To Ugandans With Bankable Business Ideas

Entrepreneurs with business ideas that can offer solutions for various challenges facing humanity can now offer opportunities to job seekers if they partner with software engineers, developers and coders who will turn the idea into a bankable venture and at the same time access financing for the initiative.

One of the apps “Ikowapi” have been developed and designed to incorporate different ideas aimed at solving different challenges and creating job opportunities for the participants.

The “Ikowapi” project is a venture that has been funded by Contract Kapital  to ensure that the app delivers its intended purpose through linking up young entrepreneurs to solve challenges in fields like agriculture, tourism, housing, transport among others.

In an interview with Contract Kapital CEO, Isaac Kajubi, he says that funding young entrepreneurs with tech solutions has potential to create job opportunities to Ugandans.

He says a team of developers will turn ideas into bankable projects through partnerships.

“Our job as Contract Kapital is to fund good ideas, develop them to create jobs for Ugandans. Many IT enthusiasts have solutions that can solve problems, but raising capital to fund them is a challenge. We have for example funded the “Ikowapi” app that will work as a search engine for anything interfacing with other partners to deliver service and be compliant,” he said.

Isaac Kajubi (middle), CEO Contract Kapital. Right is Emmanuel Ssali, the IT Lead

Emmanuel Ssali, the IT Lead at Contract Kapital said: “We don’t want to release an app of low standard. We make sure that the app is on demand to solve a particular challenge. Since the launch of the “Ikowapi” app on 1st January 2020, 10,000 entrepreneurs have been posted and 20 already linked up to create opportunities for participants.”

Ivan Sempijja from 256, a Software Development Firm said that they are in advanced stages of establishing a Real Estates Investment Trust, a platform that will allow participants to sign up as investors in  housing projects  as shareholders.

Nicolas Otim, an IT Consultant says that many ventures have embraced investment contract partnerships based on profit sharing and that the arrangements have delivered services in different areas like cash on deliveries, transport and apartments among others aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs.

“Riders of Boda Bodas who have challenges of funds have been offered with insured motor cycles and they pay periodically until they own it,” he said.

By Drake Nyamugabwa

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