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Muvawala Threatens To Resign Over Gov’t Failure To Implement NPA Plans

The National Planning Authority (NPA) Executive Director, Dr. Joseph Muvawala (pictured) has threatened to resign his position over Government’s continued failure to implement the Authority’s plans.

“I should retire from the National Planning Authority because we don’t make sense to plan, plan and plan. We never implement what we plan. We are too organised to be successful. We spend 80% of our time planning and only 20% of the time implementing.

I think I should even retire from the National Planning Authority because it doesn’t make sense anymore,” a tough talking Muvawala said.

He added: “We do a lot of planning at NPA but there’s a document called the Manifesto. National Planning Authority did not plan for hoes but we are going to buy them.”

Muvawala made the threats this morning during the 4th Annual Economic Summit held at Kampala Serena Hotel held under the theme ‘Mobilising Domestic Resources for Growth with Jobs’.

The NPA boss said it is time government considers the economy seriously by investing in people who pay taxes.

 “We must talk about tax administration in this country because it looks like our budget has become unsustainable. I have never seen Parliament discuss revenue, they are busy discussing expenditure,” Muvawala said.

He added: “As Uganda, we look lost in the woods. Are we investing enough in the cow that gives us the milk? That is a question we have to answer if we are to know why we are collecting less revenue.”

Speaking at the same event,  Elly Karuhanga, the new  Chairman of Private Sector Foundation-Uganda  and the  Chamber of Mines Chairman lashed out at  Government for ignoring the agriculture sector, pointing out that when UPDF took over the control of Lake Victoria, fish multiplied 11 times, stating that the importance of agriculture in this country is so underestimated which could explain why Uganda has no minister for fisheries.

He also called on Ugandans to deal with corruption.

“There is a crisis in Uganda. You can see it from the number of cases that Col Edith Nakalema and her anti-corruption team have been handling. We must deal with corruption without mercy,” Karuhanga said.

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