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Museveni Reveals How He Earns Shs64m From Half An Acre

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed how he earns Shs64m from half an acre.

“I encourage all of you to Invest in fish farming. I get Shs.64 million from four fish ponds at my farm in Kawumu in half an acre. If we don’t utilize our resources, we are denying God’s commandment of establishing dominion over nature,” Museveni remarked. He didn’t disclose the perioid it takes to earn the Shs64m and the invested capital.

The President made the remarks at a Thanksgiving Ceremony of Hon. Paul Amoru Omiat, Dokolo North Member of Parliament held at Adwoki Technical Institute in Dokolo district.

Museveni disclosed that he would soon start up a Presidential Demonstration farm in Baralege just as he had done in Kawumu in Luweero district, with the aim of teaching the people of Lango how to profit from farming using the four acre production model.

He assured the people of Lango Sub-Region in Northern Uganda that some pockets of insecurity reports that he has heard in the area will be dealt with by the NRM government.

He said that since the National Resistance Movement (NRM) had been able to deal with people Ojuku, Kony, Lakwena and cattle rustlers that peddled insecurity the current situation will also be dealt with after conducting a regional security meeting.


The President was happy to note that infrastructural and personal developments in the region have taken root. He, therefore, encouraged the people of the area to keep up the efforts.

“People are beginning to improve their homes. From the air, I could see over 30% of the houses were mabati roofed and from my way in Bata, some even had solar panels. Everybody needs to join the effort,” he stressed.

He said that the fact there were now 9 secondary schools in Dokolo, 6 of which were government and 73 primary schools, 61 of which were government schools, was a sign of good progress.

Museveni promised the people of one part of Dokolo that Government would extend electricity to their area. He congratulated Dokolo North MP, Paul Amoru and other NRM leaders in the area for winning the 2016 elections despite the strong challenges that they faced.

He also commended the good work that the MP is doing in the constituency and promised to send to Dokolo District 20,000 hoes to help farmers with their production activities. He also contributed Shs. 20 million to Dokolo Youth Yellow Brigade Group SACCO. President Museveni received converts from the UPC and FDC Parties.

Earlier, President Museveni inspected Bata Secondary School laboratories in Okwalongen Sub-County. The school has 586 students who the President assusred that Government will undertake the construction of the main classroom block, equip sciences and ICT laboratories.

Apart from inspecting the banana plantation of Ogwal Fred, he also visited Our Lady of Fatima, Agwata and donated 200 roofing iron sheets to the church structure that is currently being constructed and further pledged materials for the church ceiling.

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