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MPs Reveal Fresh Details On 48 Ugandans Dead In Arab Countries

Members of Parliament sitting on the Parliamentary Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development have revealed more details regarding the 48 Ugandans who have died in Arab countries under unclear circumstances.

The MPs say that these deaths could have been avoided if Labour Ministry had entered bilateral agreements with Arab countries where Ugandan workers are exported illegally.

Reports from the Ugandan mission at Abu Dhabi indicate that 48 Ugandan workers died in Arab countries after being subjected to inhuman treatment and their bodies were not returned.

Among the 48 dead Ugandans, 35 were women and 13 men and most of them committed suicide after they became tired of mistreatment.

Among the countries where the 48 Ugandans died include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Addressing the press at parliament on their return from Middle East Countries, the Western Uganda  MP, Mpaka Mwine and Ngora county MP,  David Abaala said that when Ugandans are taken to Arab countries for work, their travel documents are removed from form them.

This means that when they die, it becomes extremely difficult to trace where they came from, thus their bodies are never returned.

The lawmakers want Labour Ministry to quickly sign agreements with the countries where Ugandans are exported to minimize on the mistreatment they face from their employers, who subject them to harsh conditions which in turn force them to committee suicide.

Uganda has only signed bilateral agreement for its labour export with Saud Arabia and Jordan among Arab countries and had promised to sign with others countries in phases.

The MPS also demand government to investigate into reports that some immigration officers are bribed to accept some workers exit the country illegally to Arab countries where they face difficult times with their employers.

MPs added that if Labour Ministry fails to sign bilateral agreements with other countries where Ugandans are exported for jobs, they will move a motion banning externalization of labour .


One thought on “MPs Reveal Fresh Details On 48 Ugandans Dead In Arab Countries

  1. Thembo salvian

    As we labor to end social injustices globally, i wish that people should be more concious about their lives and accept to live on small invistement in uganda other than dying that way. It is very unfortunate that we are losing our people in un abnornal way, which is degrading and inhuman. Corrupt people who accept ugandans to leave illegally should be delt with seriously and be punished according to the law.

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