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MPs Grill Prof. Nawangwe Over Makerere Strike: ‘Why Are You Shielding Gov’t?’

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University found hard when he appeared before the Parliamentary Education Committee to answer queries regarding the recent violent students strike at the institution.

Students have recently been striking over the 15% tuition increment.

Appearing before the Committee today, Prof. Nawangwe was tasked by Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basalirwa, to explain why he is trying to shield Government by hiding the challenges the University is facing.

“The University Secretary said that the University Management meets about 40% and the other 60% comes from Government and Government doesn’t meet that aspect. When you come to this Committee and leave out that aspect… I don’t know why you are protecting government,” Basalirwa wondered.  

The former Makerere University Guild President also lashed out at Nawangwe calling him to treat students with a parental touch.

 “There is an impression that has been created that you are very highhanded, these regulations have existed; your predecessors haven’t used them, those student leaders aren’t your age, they are coming at University at 19, treat them as your children,” the lawmaker said.

Upper Madi County lawmaker, Isaac Etuka told Nawangwe that his decision to resort to suspension depicts him as a total failure because students are sent to him for molding.

He also told the University that students aren’t opposed to the new policy but only demand to have services that are commensurate to the fees they are paying.

He said: “Our girls are suffering from Urinary Tract Infections and over 60% of girls suffering from UTI because the toilets are dirty. Much as what we can increase, what services are we providing to our people?”

Winnie Kiiza, Kasese Woman MP wondered why the University Management hasn’t furnished Parliament with the actual students population at the University.

 “There is a lot of information that is hidden even when you talk about limited resources, but there is resource that is hidden,” she said, adding: “Did you (Nawangwe) invite the army? If you didn’t invite, who invited?”

Nawangwe denied having government spies, saying: “I don’t have spies at Makerere, students give me information willingly.”

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