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Middle East Consultants Flags Off 80 Youths For Jobs Abroad

Middle East Consultants Ltd (MECL), the leading labour exporting agency licensed by the Government of Uganda has flagged off 80 Ugandan youths for jobs in the Gulf States of Qatar and United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai Cities).

Briefing the excited youths before flying out of the country on Saturday at the company head offices in Muyenga, MECL Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi said 56 are headed to Dubai to work as cleaners and each will earn a monthly remuneration of Shs1.2m.

He added that 21 youth will work as truck drivers in Qatar and each will earn Shs3.4m while three people are going to be hotel waiters in Abu Dhabi.

He explained that all the 80 will not be taxed, but will instead receive other benefits like free medical insurance, free daily meals, transport from and to their work stations and a free flight back to Uganda after the renewable two-year contract.
He advised them to be extra careful and work for the betterment of their lives.
“Work to save your families from poverty and try to avoid facebook tempting girls,” Mugyenyi said.
Moses Binoga, the Commissioner of Police In charge of Human trafficking at the Ministry of Internal Affairs commended Middle East Consultants for living up to the laws of Uganda.

“We gave you (MECL) a license after doing due diligence and a series of assessments after being satisfied and so far you’re one of the companies that we never get complaints about from Ugandans it has taken to work abroad,” Binoga said.
He added that all Ugandans who had gotten jobs abroad through Middle East Consultant are now Uganda’s ambassadors and should work hard, be obedient and not squander their savings.

MECL has now embarked on recruiting more than 200 Ugandans to work as taxi drivers abroad and interviews are scheduled for 6th this month at the company’s head offices.

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