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Meat Consumption Suspended In Kapchorwa Over Foot & Mouth Disease

The sale and consumption of meat in Kapchorwa municipality has been suspended following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease-FMD.

An infected animal presents with blisters on the mouth and foot, loss of appetite, fever, and a drop in milk production.

The disease causes severe production losses, and while the majority of affected animals recover, the disease often leaves them weak.

Sande Cherop, the Kapchorwa Municipal Veterinary doctor, says that 16 suspected cases of Foot and Mouth Disease were reported in the central division.

According to Sande, the municipality has started vaccination of cattle in the municipality against the disease.

Moses Cheshari, a meat seller says, the idea of suspending the consumption the animal products is good, but blames, the department for failing to sensitize the people about the preventive measures, signs, and symptoms of the disease.

“The authorities do not sensitize the community early enough so as to avoid the disease, but only come in after an outbreak,” Cheshare said.

In spite of the ban, some food vendors in the municipality, are still selling meat and milk.

Scovia Chesang, a food vendor in Kapchorwa Municipality says, she exports her beef and milk from the neighboring district of Bulambuli.

The last time Kapchorwa district imposed a similar banned on meat consumption was in 2021, when there was an outbreak of anthrax which killed animals and people who consumed the meat of the dead animals.


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