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Why Many Ugandan Parts Are Experiencing Cold, Hazy Conditions

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has revealed why most parts of Uganda are experiencing cold and hazy conditions.

In a statement dated 4th January, 2018, UNMA Executive Director, Dr.Festus Luboyera says that the conditions have been caused by the winds blowing from the Northern Hemisphere which is experiencing winter towards “our region and hence bringing the cold conditions.”

“The winds usually carry dust particles from Sahara desert and Arabian Peninsula and deposit them in our region which has led to the current hazy conditions being experienced in the country resulting in reduced visibility,” Luboyera says.

He adds: “The weather phenomenon has been caused by the presence of the Tropical Cyclone AVA in the Indian Ocean near the coast of Madagascar. This Cyclone has led to the development of a low pressure system around that area which has resulted into the flow of winds from northern hemisphere towards that region. Since these winds are passing over our region, they are carrying the dust particles and cold conditions which have caused the cold and hazy weather phenomenon to prevail over most parts of the country.”

He reveals that the Tropical Cyclone AVA is expected to continue tracking southward along the eastern coast of Madagascar towards the cooler waters in the south of island nation and will eventually reduce its intensity by 9th January 2018.

Further Outlook

“Cold and hazy conditions are expected to prevail over most parts of the country until mid-January 2018 when the phenomenon will reduce,” he says.

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