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Maize Surplus A Blessing to Farmers-NAADS Boss

The Executive Director of National Agriculture Advisory Services- NAADS, Dr Samuel Mugasi says that farmers should celebrate the current maize surplus rather than cry over low prices, URN reports.

According to NAADS secretariat projections, at least four million metric tons of maize are expected to be harvested in 2018.

Due to the surplus of maize on the market, the price has dropped to 200 shillings per kilogram in villages leaving farmers frustrated.

Dr. Mugasi says that farmers should look at the over production as blessing because there is no food insecurity  in country which would plunge families in hunger.

He however noted government was working with the private sector to look for better prices.

Mugasi however noted that they are facing a problem of looking for market for maize because the bulk of it in country is not of good quality recommended in other countries.

Moses Ssenfuma, the LC 3 Chairman of Kapeeka Sub county in Nakaseke district says that they mobilized farmers to grow maize for food security and generating income.

Ssenfuma explains that the low prices have however disappointed farmers and many are vowing to reduce production.

Peter Ssebukera, a farmer in Lwabyata sub-county, Nakasongola district says that they invest a lot of money to grow maize but it’s unfortunate to sell it at giveaway price.

Franco Kayondo another farmer in Nakasongola says that he has six acres of maize but he is demoralized to harvest it at the current price.

Farmers now want the government to buy off the maize and resell it in other countries to save them huge losses.

General Salim Saleh the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, says that together with Chinese partners, they have been buying maize above 500 shillings but prices dropped this season due to the surplus.

He also appealed to World Food Programme- WFP to buy some maize to help the farmers.

Elkhidir Daloum the Country Director of WFP says although they are leading buyers of Uganda’s maize much of it is bought from brokers because farmers have no groups.

Daloum asked farmers to form groups and address the standard of maize and be able to supply maize at a good price.

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