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M7 Declares MPs Who Gave Him Life Presidency “New Historicals”

Uganda has new group of historicals, thats according to the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni.

While addressing a group of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) lawmakers at a thanksgiving ceremony in Kiboga district, the president declared that the parliamenterians who voted to lift the presidential age limit are the country’s new historicals.

“Finally let me thank the NRM legislators who recently amended the Constitution. They are the new historicals. We responded to the opposition who were provoking us with threats of “Kogikwatako,” the president said.

Previously, the term historicals was used to describe those who fought alongside the president in the five year bush war that brought him to power in 1986.

The MPs late last year voted to remove the preidential age cap (75) from the constitution, paving the way for Museveni who is now 73 to extend his rule.

The president also revealed that investors had promised to plough their monies in Uganda’s economy after the controversial removal.

“After the amendment, business people rang me to say they would invest more because they are assured of flexibility. Ugandans can now look at the whole menu; young, old, and pick their leader. I thank the NRM CEC, NEC, Caucus, district conferences, etc for ensuring we have a flexible constitution. I thank you,” he said.

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